Sting Back to Bass Tour @ Jakarta

22th December 2012

What up y'all? :) happy to know we are still alive on this earth. fiuuh.  i love this planet anyway.

On 15th December, I've seen a marvelous performance by my favorite genius musician, grandpa Sting in MEIS, Ancol. Yes, it's Sting, people. One of music legends. He brought his band: a high class guitarist, named Dominic Miller, Vinnie Colaiuta (on backing vocal), Peter (on violin), Jo Lawry (on drum) and David Sancious (on keyboard).

Songlist Sting Back To Bass Jakarta 2012:
1. If I ever Lose My Faith
2. Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
3. Englishman In New York
4. Seven Days
5. Demolition Man
6. I Hung My Head
7. The End of The Game
8. Fields of Gold
9. Driven To Tears
10. Heavy Cloud No Rain
11. Message in A Bottle
12. Shape of My Heart
13. The Hounds of Winter
14. Wrapped Around Your Finger
15. De Do Do Do De Da Da Da
16. Roxanne
17. Desert Rose
18. King of Pain
19. Every Breath You Take
20. Next To You
21. Fragile 

So here's my stories...
i've heard the news that Sting would be performing in Jakarta since a couple months ago. I've been really anxious if i couldn't buy the concert ticket because i knew that the ticket price would be that really expensive. On November, i realized that my money wasn't enough to by the ticket then I tried to forget about the concert. But then.. I've been dreaming of watching Sting's concert TWICE. So i started looking for people who sell the ticket with more affordable price.

14th December 11pm,  during me and my friends from college were preparing about the play competition, i got a message from my high school friend, Inan. he told me that he got 4 Sting's ticket and he sold with affordable price. OH MY GOODNESS. 

And yeah on 15th december, we went to Sting's concert,baby!!! 
traffic jam totally sucks. Inan and i have arrived lilte bit late.
ini yang terjadi...
Inan: "buset kok yang nonton pada tua semua sih, Tus?"
gue: "lah emang kenapa? Sting kan musisi tua"
Inan: "aduh, yaampun selera lo.." 

But thanks a lot to this good friend of mine, Inan who sold the cheap ticket  for me, picked me up, accompanied me for watching this marvelous concert, and drop me off home.  Even he only knows 2 songs. Heheheh.

A weird moment happened when Inan and I to find our seats and the audiences were mostly old people...
Inan and I: " excuse me"
An old woman to her friends: "look at these teenagers. what a cute, attending Sting concert together."
me: we're good friends , ma'am.

It's my first time watching a concert not in festival, so i didnt really feel the euphoria. On our way down after the concert was over, i met these cool musicians.. Piyu Padi and Vincent Rompies (again). Well, i could say... sambil berenang, dua, tiga pulau terlampaui.


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