Saturday, October 27, 2012

Special capital Territory of Jakarta

27th October 2012.

last holiday, Grace (E.T), Calista (Saodah), Iyas (Iyaf) and i did bolang thingy (adventure) we were wandering Jakarta, because we didn't have much time to travel or visiting another city and we decided to not meet up at mall or cafe. so..yeah, we visited museums.

however, we had a great time!

 that day had started with met up with Calista at a store in Kemang. it's LoeGue. there is an exhibition of architecture. 

i pretty love this building, every room has different theme.


then, we went to Museum Gadjah 

Monas (Monumen Nasional)

Ragusa, old italian restaurant in Jakarta since 1932.

  last saturday, my family and i went to Zoo in the city. exhausted for waking to far, we had a picnic at the park.


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michelle said...

I love your photos :3