Special capital Territory of Jakarta: Museums & Zoo

27th October 2012

It has been soooo long that my good friends in Junior High School and i met up. So last holiday, Grace (E.T), Calista (Saodah), Iyas (Iyaf) and i planned to wander Jakarta because we didn't have much time to travel to another city. Besides, we decided to not meet up at such a boring place called mall.  So..yeah, we visited museum: Gajah Museum and Monas (Museum Nasional), and an italian ice cream cafe (Ragusa). 

We start our journey by meet up with Calista at a store in Kemang. it's LoeGue. there is an exhibition of architecture. I pretty love is building coz every room has different themes.



Ragusa, old italian restaurant in Jakarta since 1932.



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michelle said...

I love your photos :3