Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Chris Varvaro

1st March 2011

i wanna tell ya about Chris Varvaro (Christopher Michael Varvaro) @realtalkchrisv. he's the coolest merch guy in this universe :) for many reasons why do i love this guy based on the fact when i met him with We The Kings personally (click here):

- he's so friendly and nice
- he's always smiling all the way
- he replies almost all tweets that he got on twitter
he loves animals too much
- he's a vegetarian
 - he tweets about wise words, such
"i treat animal like you treat celebs"
"Im thankful for the way my mother raised me"
- he's infinity awesome
- he inspired me to be a merch girl to sell band merch and go touring around the world.

We The Kings is so lucky to have him.

more info about Chris Varvaro --> here

someone      :  "what advice would you give to someone who wants to be a merch guy?"
Chris Varvaro: "i would tell them to stay in school and do something else. that is you should be in control over what happens in your life, i have no control over that"
i'll do it, Chris!
highly happy when i was googling (keywords 'chris varvaro we the kings") a few photos of me and chris come up :D 

by the way i put some of my photos and my edited photos on "We Heart It" site --> http://weheartit.com/search?query=titus+kartika&sort=1

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