Friday, February 25, 2011

We The Kings on Jakarta Jam day 1

27th February 2011

on February, 22th i attended Jakarta Jam at Tenis Indoor Senayan to watching one of my fav band, We The Kings. eventhough the next day i have exams, but i didn't give a damn. 22th February morning i ain't feel good, i got sick and threw up. therefore i wore sweater on this concert and that was my first time i felt the venue was cold -__-

first performance was Never Shout Never. well actually i have no idea about this band, but i enjoyed watching the hot bassist and drummer , and the cutie guitarist performance.

second performance was I See Stars
and i have no idea about this band at all.

and the last performance was WE THE KINGS. i totally enjoyed their performance, even my hip was sore and gotta stretching my body at the same time. Travis Clark (the vox) was talking about 'Topeng Monyet' during the concert. dear to all Topeng Monyet in Jakarta, you've got Travis Clark's attention!

i screamed hysterically when Travis Clark said 'the next song is for someone who requested me this song on twitter, it called Summer Love" check this out!!! -->

i couldnt get enough they were playing 13 songs
actually. but they said on twitter that they will come back to Indonesia soon.
i got a guitar pick from Travis Clark that he threw it off to the crowd. even i got a fight with 3 girls to get the pick.
the next day (February 23th)
 i came to Ritz Carlton Hotel, hoped i could meet em there. my dad gave a me a ride then left me at the hotel, then i was waiting for em at the lobby alone.

i saw Never Shout Never members walked along the lobby, and i saw Drew Thomsen (WTK bassist) and Hunter Thomsen (WTK guitarist) were hanging around at the lobby. oh gosh! idk i couldn't yell loudly to call em.

suddenly i met
Arum, Findra and their friends (Ditha, Rani, Atika) there, then i joined them waiting for the bands in front of the restaurant.

hennnnnn i saw Travis Clark walked along to the restaurant. omg! then i called him and hugged him! and took a pic with him + got his autograph.

still remember Rani, Travis, and i laughed at Chris Varvaro 'cause there a few girls wanted Chris to take their pictures with Trav. Chris was lil bit mad and said "ohh that's not my job (to take pictures)" lol, but Chris was the one who took my pictures with Travis :D thx Chris!

Rani, Travis and I

i saw Chris Varvaro did nothing else when the girls were busy to take pictures with Travis.
me: "Chris, can i take a picture with you?"
Chris: "sure, you can do whatever you want to me" 
he's so friendly. i saw he's always smiling all the way.

Christ is  the "unyu-est" and the most  friendly guy on the crew i've ever known. (btw he knows what does 'unyu' mean) he replied my tweets for the 4th times and i guess he replied all tweets that he got on twitter.
  you rule Chris Lightyear.

then they got into the restaurant while Travis said to us: "Aku cinta kalian" (but it sounded 'akhuu cyinca kalien") LOL. we love u more, trav 

the bodyguard forbided some of us to take any picture again, but Travis still offered us: " wanna take a picture with me?"  screw you, bodyguard.

thennnnn i saw Danny Duncan (WTK drummer) walked along to restaurant, then i yelled his name. 
me: "Dannyyy"
Rani: "Dan"
Dan said (with big smile): "heyy guys!!" then he hugged me first :'D

and he's Scoot Lawson, the tour manager of We The Kings. 

thennnnn i saw Hunter Thomsen (WTK guitarist) and Drew Thomsen (WTK bassist) again walked into the restaurant, and asked them if i want to take a picture. when i asked Hunter he didn't hear me clearly, so i whispered in his ear. uhuhu.

with Hodge (WTK crew) he smiles all the time :)

Kiyoshi Muto (WTK crew)

i think We The Kings and crew is the kindest crew i've ever met. t
hey treat their fans well. Love u guys lotza.

with Caleb (the cute guitarist) and Taylor Macfee (the hot bassist) of Never Shout Never. hehe
when some girls were busy to take pictures with C Drew, i saw the hot bassist Taylor Macfee walked to the exit door.

Nsn left the hotel

could you imagine how did you feel when you met 5 international bands were in the same hotel and you also were there? 

anyway thanks a lot for coming to Indonesia :)

by the way i put some of my photos and my edited photos on "We Heart It" site -->


Anonymous said...

LOL. Scoot is not WTK's manager.
The name is Kiyoshi Muto, not Yoshimoto. Hayden is a drummer, not a bassist; the bassist is Caleb.

Anonymous said...

scoot is indeed the tour manager**** It was a very cool encounter though! ;)

titus kartika said...

sorry i didnt write correctly. but thx :D
i was googling it again, the nsn bassist is taylor, Caleb is the guitarist :)