Saturday, February 5, 2011

ma favorite video clip

February 5th 2011

1) November Rain - Gun N Roses
i superly love this video because it seems like im watching a film on it. a lovely song and pretty awesome video clip combine as one and in harmony with. it just terrific!
i watched this video clip for the first time when i was in kindergarten, my 3th bro (mas Deni) who promoted me. the video is about a woman who newly married, then suddenly death comes through her. it happened only in a day. literally sad, eh?

2) B.Y.O.B - System Of a Down
i simply love this song and  and video clip. it sounds like many music ganders combined in this song. well..that's SOAD typical, they always put many music ganders in one song. rock and traditional Eastern music especially. and it was written to protest the Iraq War. -->  here

3) Question! - System Of a Down
SOAD always doing something pretty unique stuffs on their songs and some of their video clips and live performances. this video clip has directed by the bassist, Shavo Odadjian.
this video clip is so beautiful dramatically.

Get on your boots - U2
i simply heart this artistically epic  video clip.

Elephant - Eric Herman
my 1st bro (mas Nanang) who promoted me this song.
it's a simply marvelous song for kids.
 why there's no Indonesian songwriter who create songs for kids recently????? therefore all Indonesian kids sing love songs which are those songs for teenagers and adults, what a shame! 


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