Monday, October 18, 2010


 October 19th 2010

 i just through mid-tests and i feel like so fuckin tired. i hardly to wait for holidays. these all what i did during 2 weeks:

- did some art assignments
glue glue glue to made it look neater. material: idea, newspaper, magazine paper, glue, scissor.

the tutorial:
1) draw some pictures on the drawing paper
2) dab the glue over the drawing paper
3) pasting up the pieces of paper (magazine paper, newspaper, etc) but first you have to cut these papers into small square shape)
4) after dry, draw the sketch's border by marker
5) then dab the glue all over the drawing paper to make it look neater.

(sketch) intended to draw Bono (U2 vox)'s face, but somehow it looks like tukang ojeg deket rumah gue.
intended to draw Johnny Depp, but it looks like preman pasar

-Syifa, Bamby and me were watching Mellody's performance playing violin in Goethe Institute. "Hansel and Gretel"

- we did our weirdness at school

- studying every single night during mid-test was made me freakin' exhaustedit just my hair
my mom said that i ate 2 kg french fries in a week. well.. that's my breakthrough.


The benz said...

makasih tus yang hansel grettel juga dituliiiiis hehehehee

Ipah said...

waaaa kreatiiif xD

titus kartika said...

@the benz (mellody): sama2 cuy! mihihihi
@ipah: trimakasih yaa! :D :D

macangadungan said...

eh, yg mainan kolase lucu juga tuh, inspiring XDDD nanti klo udah kuliah masuk seni rupa aja ya. hahahahah

Wulan said...

waah keren2 artworknyaa!
maaf yah aku baru kunjung balik ke blog kamu. hehe. :)
ayo2 kita exchange link! :D

dunia kecil indi said...

cool :D yg johnny depp itu lumayan mirip, kok, lol ;)

miss. indi

titus kartika said...

@macangadungan: makasih banyak :D aku juga mau bgt masuk seni rupa :)

@wulan: makasih yaa :D boleh2

@indi: hahha makasih yaa :D

Elisabet Kurnia (nia) said...

hi titus, kamu kreatif banget :)

titus kartika said...

@nia: makasih banyak nia! :D