Friday, August 6, 2010

happy birthday to me

Saturday, August 6th 2010THANK GOD! here i am........16 years old.
i just realized that today i turn 16. it'is a big number for me. 16 years old i've been living in this planet, called earth, so many moments happened in 16 years. i need to be ready being mature!
so many wickedness and ignorance i've done in 16 years. i regret for some of it, i angry to some of it, and i laugh at some of it. but yeah i'm just a human.

i'm still memorizing 6th August on 2008, 2 years ago when i was in 9th grade in SMP Tarakanita 1, where i got a big surprised from my best friends, my classmates (9.4 class), Pak Eko and Bu Emma. that was totally unforgettable! :'D it still spin around in my head. 
very year my age gets older, deep inside i'm not so glad. 'cause if my age gets older, so do my parents. this year my dad is going to be 63 on August 17th (at the same time Indonesia is celebrating independence day). and this year my mom is 51. it means they are entered to the age of grandparents' :( and year by year they're getting close to 70. which know :(

lately my mom often complained about some of her illness but my dad still keeps his healthy by doing calisthenic every morning and night, so does my mom. they often do calisthenic together on afternoon while they watching "Family 100" tv show. glad to see both of them still in love every single day. thanks a lot to my parents and my besties to take care of me throughout 16 years. you're all rule!

1. my parents live longer (than me)
2. be a better person day by day
3. attempt to make my parents proud of me

thankies for all birthday wishes :D

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