Sunday, July 18, 2010

Daron Malakian's b-day and SOAD reunion

Monday, 18th July 2010

this is my second posting for today. caused i've just realized that today is.... Daron Vartan Malakian's birthday. Happy birthday to Daron! you're getting old and fat (35 years old) at least you are still my favorite musician ever :D

Daron Malakian is System of a down' guitarist and backing vocal. but now he has new band (Scars on Broadway) with his old bandmate, John Dolmayan. however i prefer SOAD than Scars on Broadway. (sorry dude).

These are Daron Malakian's quotes:

"I have no interest in murder, and I have no interest in people dying, … But I’m interested in people’s minds, and sometimes Manson puts thoughts together that I find really interesting. Have you ever seen his unedited videos? He starts making a lot of sense. I’m sure people are scared of that, but to me, it’s scarier to watch George Bush try to make sense.” nice one!

"Let's save this world, motherfucker. together we can!" :P

on 2nd May 2010, Daron, John and Shavo jammed together in Shavo's party. something missing..... where the hell  is Serj Tankian? he's still busy with his new project and tour probably :(

great to see them together again. but  i'd love to see you guys reunite with Serj is being the lead vocal and Daron still the backing vocal. well... perhaps John and Shavo should become the backing vocal too ;)

please do the reunite! you guys are so much better as a team!

i simply love Daron's style while he wears black mickey mouse t-shirt and the cap or hat. with his long hair and without his long beard. i love the way he wears tuxedo and t-shirt with black hat. he looks so awesome! ffyeah daron!

photo courtesy by: Greg Watermann


Geoff said...

hell yeah. serj and daron need to stop trying to be the leader and just get back together. that is, after i go see serj with his orchestra in september, which will be awesome haha. the drummer said they might tour in 2011

Geoff said...

hell yeah, once daron and serj each stop trying to be the leader they can get back together. the drummer said they might tour in 2011. but im seeing serj and his orchestra in septmber so thats gonna be awesome haha keep it real

Style said...

Men! I've never heard any more about SOAD member until you're posting this news. i miss them so much. i wish they could come back soon or later.

titus kartika said...


@style: so do i :D