Saturday, December 19, 2009

Junior High School Graduation

21th June, 2009

 I felt cheerful and also sad at the same time. Happy 'cause I could graduated from Junior High School with honor, but at the same time i felt sad because.... I will separate with my awesome best friends, with my crazy friends, with my best teachers i ever had, and with this coolest school.

many times we spent together in our beloved school, Tarakanita 1 JHS and in my favorite class (9.4). it's tremendously hard to separate with them. But however we have to do it 'cause we have to continue our life in different way. A week ago before prom, almost every single of my friends and absolutely i were excited and really prepared for this event . actually it was my first prom. I designed my own batik dress, my grandma gave me the fabric of batik =)
Taraaaaa……….. farewell party has begun.  all my friends looked really different from the usual with those dresses and tuxedos. There were reading nominations in many categories, we were eating together, dancing on the dance floor, and we were crying together. Although when reading nominations, almost all of the nomination just for these popular girls. And mostly students said that nominations not fair. eh!

But overall I superly enjoyed this party. that was the best party eveeerrrr

my teachers dance performance (Pak Eko, Bu Emma, pak Manto) let's get start it! wohoooo!

courtesy by: Calista a.k.a Saodah, Even a.k.a Suneo, mas2 photographer

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