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FRIENDS (my favorite TV series)

12th August 2009

 it's my favorite TV series. actually it's started from 1995 until 2005. but I watched the DVD when I was in Junior High School until this time. I never get bored every time I watch it.

it’s about a friendship of 6 people who have weird different problems about their relationship with their couple. I want to introduce you one by one of the character of FRIENDS. Let’s start from my first favorite character.

1)His name is Chandler Bing, actually Chandler Muriel Bing. He has a huge sense of humor. His parents already divorced, when Chandler’s dad admitted that he’s a gay (when Chandler was 9 years old). And he become a transvestite. He’s Joey Tribbiani's roommate and best friend. Chandler is Monica Geller’s boyfriend, and in season 7th , he’s married her.  Then they have 2 twins adoption children, name Erica and Jack. Chandler has ex-girlfriend, name Janice who has a shrill voice.

2) Joey Tribbiani. He’s an actor, but he’s a little dull but hilarious. Joey also love eating, especially Monica's cooking. Joey has 7 siblings, and he’s the only male. One of his popular TV show is “Days of Our Lives” as Dr. Drake Ramoray. Joey is Chandler’s best friend. He also Chandler roommate, before Chandler married to Monica. Joey also has penguin doll named Hugzey (his "bedtime penguin pal") which he is very fond, and he doesn't like to share with. he’s the one who likes to say: “how you doing?”

3)Pheobe Buffay: Well she’s a “crazy” woman. Phoebe is a vegetarian and a musician. She has a twin sister, name Ursula Buffay. Pheobe had horrible past life, her father in prison, she never attended high school or college, but she can speak French fluently. she married a gay Canadian ice dancer, and then got divorced. But in season 10th, she is happily married to Mike Hannigan, which is a piano player. She’s also against the wearing of fur coats. She became very upset while witnessing trees being cut down and sold for Christmas trees. She named a rat  that living in her apartment.

4)Ross Geller: he’s a paleontology. He is Monica’s big brother. He had divorced 3 times, first with Carol since Carol mentioned that she’s a lesbian. Second divorced with Emily. Ross often say: “Hi" in a low, drawn-out hopeless voice. Ross is often complaining about something. But sometime he becomes arrogant. When he date in his girlfriend name Elizabeth, Ross has a problem with leather pants that he wears. his legs become too hot/sweaty, then he try to pull his tight pants off in her bathroom. Ross has 2 children, the elder is son, named Ben. He is Ross and Carol’s son. And a daughter, name Emma. She is being "an accident when Ross and Rachel are drunk.

5)Monica Geller: she’s Ross litlle sister. She’s really organize. Monica is Rachel’s best friend from High School. She’s a chef and she was fat. Monica is bossy. Her catchphrase is a loud and excited "I KNOW!”. She was dating to her parents’ friend, name Richard. But Richard doesn’t want to have a baby, as Monica’s desire. So they broke up. Then Monica has a relationship with Chandler. They tried to keep it a secret but their friends found out. They are married in Las Vegas, and live together in Monica’s apartment. Monica has many skills in sports, like foosball, tennis, table tennis..

6) Rachel Green: she has interest in fashion. actually she’s a rich and sometimes she’s spoil. She left a man at the altar, then she ran away to Monica’s apartment. Rachel never wants come back home, and then become Monica’s roommate. She also becomes Joey’s roommate. After working as a waitress, she gets a job in the world of fashion. She has relationship with Ross. Rachel and Ross have a daughter named Emma. She’s “an accident” when Ross and Rachel are drunk.
 My favorite parts;
1) when Chandler and Joey said goodbye to their foosball table, before they crushed it. Because there are Chick Jr. and Duck Jr. trapped inside.
2) When all sing “in the jungle, the mighty jungle the lion sleep tonight……”
3) When Monica dancing with her head inside the turkey
4) Pheobe and Mike's wedding
5) When Ross has a problem with her leather pants in his girlfriend’s bathroom
6) Chandler jokes
7) The last episode (that was made me cry)
8) Battle of Monica and Mike Hannigan
9) Tennis tournament between Chandler and Monica versus Chandler’s boss
10) When Pheobe screamed to Monica on her toast wedding
11) When Monica comes home, she finds that the apartment has been cleaned. After finding out that Chandler didn't clean, Monica replies, "Oh no, was I cleaning in my sleep again?" to which Chandler replies "I got a maid"
12) When Monica said: "Usually when I’m this anxious, I clean!" LMAO
13) Chandler has the last spoken of the last series. He says "Where?" when the others suggest to go get coffee for a last time.
15) And many else that i unable to mention those all :'D

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